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When the Drugs Don’t Work: Antibiotic Resistance as a Global Development Problem

"Why is there a need to address antibiotic resistance in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals?

The quote "Antibiotic resistance in animals threatens the sustainability of food production, the livelihood of farmers and therefore food security as well as food safety, and indirectly harms economic growth." from the React. (2019). When the drugs don’t work: Antibiotic resistance as a global development problem. report overlaid  on to a picture of pills

Because antibiotics play a crucial role in many more areas of life than most people imagine. However, antibiotics are starting to lose their effectiveness due to resistant infections, and the consequences will be far-reaching if decisive and rapid action is not taken globally and systematically. Antibiotic resistance would seriously jeopardize the achievement of several of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Therefore, antibiotic resistance must be included in the work on sustainable development, and should be seen as a strong additional reason to urgently increase the work on the Sustainable Development Goals."


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