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World Bank Group includes the IFC Good Practice Note

The World Bank has set out requirements for borrowers relating to the risks and impacts of the projects they support. These requirements are detailed in the Bank’s Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Management of Living Natural Resources standards, which are part of its Environmental and Social Framework. The requirements emphasize good livestock production practices for those involved in large-scale commercial farming.

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The Bank acknowledges that the importance of animal welfare is increasingly recognized in commercial livestock operations and by governments, academic institutions, and animal welfare professionals. In addition, consumers are demanding higher standards of food safety and animal welfare. This has led to the development of regional and global initiatives offering guidance on acceptable animal welfare practices.

The Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC), its private sector arm, applies sustainability principles including animal welfare standards to help clients reduce losses, increase productivity, and/or access new and higher-value markets. It particularly specifies animal husbandry requirements, biodiversity conservation, and the sustainable management of living natural resources.

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